Type: CampaignType


The following table describes the parameters of the CampaignType type.

Table: parameters of CampaignType type

Parameter Mandatory Type Description
campaignId / Integer Campaign Id
campaignName Y String Campaign name
campaignSendStatus / Integer Campaign send status
campaignSubject Y String Campaign subject
campaignSendDate / String Campaign send date
campaignSenderEmailAddress Y String Campaign sender email address
campaignSenderName Y String Campaign sender name
campaignReplyEmailAddress Y String Campaign reply email address
campaignMessageId Y Integer Campaign message id
campaignMailingIds Y Array of Integer Add contacts in mailing list id to the campaign
campaignGroupIds / Array of Integer Add contact with goup/interest label id to the campaign
Note: Groups are called Interest Labels in the GUI
campaignType / String Defines the campaign's nature: Campaign is a standard campaign, TestCampaign is a test campaign and Workflow are campaign which are connected to a Workflow. Only used with the service GetCampaigns
campaignPreferenceIds / Array of Integer Add contact with preference id to the campaign
campaignLanguage / String Campaign language
Allowed values: nl, fr, en, de, it, es , ru, da, dk, se, zh, pt, pl