Type: EmailAddressType


The following table describes the parameters of the EmailAddressType type.

Table: parameters of EmailAddressType type

Parameter Mandatory Type Description
flexmailId / Integer Flexmail id
emailAddress Y String Email address
title / String Title
name / String Name
surname / String Surname
address / String Address
zipcode / String Zip code
city / String City
country / String Country
phone / String Phone
fax / String Fax
mobile / String Mobile
website / String Website
language / String Language
gender / String Gender
birthday / String Birthday (YYYY-MM-DD)
company / String Company
function / String Function
market / String Market
activities / String Activities
employees / String Employees
nace / String NACE
turnover / String Turnover
vat / String VAT
keywords / String Keywords
free_field_1 / String Free field 1
free_field_2 / String Free field 2
free_field_3 / String Free field 3
free_field_4 / String Free field 4
free_field_5 / String Free field 5
free_field_6 / String Free field 6
barcode / String Barcode
custom / Array of CustomFieldType
referenceId / String Add a custom reference ID (max 100 characters)
mailingListId / Integer The mailing list id of which the contact is a member (does not return reference mailing list ids)
preferences / Array of Integer Array of peference ids
createTime / String Item create time (YYYY-MM-DD HH:ii:ss)
updateTime / String Item update time (YYYY-MM-DD HH:ii:ss)
groups / Array of Integer When set, CreateEmailAddress and UpdateEmailAddress wil synchronize the groups to the group id's in this array
province / String Province / State
sources / Array of SourceType
state / String Status where the contact is in (active, awaiting-opt-in-confirmation, blacklisted, deleted, unsubscribed, bounced-out)